To our PADRE families and diabetes community,

We know that the last few weeks have likely felt uncertain and insecure. We have been monitoring the situation closely and are following the changing horizon as the situation remains fluid. A few points to remember:

1. Children and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes are not traditionally considered immunocompromised. While illnesses may be more difficult to manage, the condition itself does not affect the ability of the immune system to fight off infections.

2. Most of the data coming from around the world and other areas in the US are reassuring about the risk to children from this virus. We, of course, recommend that you follow strict social isolation recommendations at this point especially if you are in a district that has had school closure.

3. There is no reason to currently believe that the medication supply chains will be impacted but it is important that you review your home supplies and ensure you have enough insulin and other diabetes and emergency supplies.

4. If your child is ill, please call your medical provider for more details and follow their guidelines. For CHOC patients, please also see the CHOC webpage for guidelines on sick day management or 

5. We are here for you!


Nikta Forghani, MD

Medical Advisor, PADRE Foundation



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